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French Immersion Programs in Canada

Application and admission

Learn French in Quebec Canada with Immersion BDC


How to apply to Immersion BDC?

Once you have decided that you would like to come to Immersion Baie-des-Chaleurs for a French immersion adventure you should e-mail us at .

Then -

We will reply to your e-mail (usually in 24-48 hours) and answer any of your questions.
You will fill out an on-line application form or fax us an application form.

Once we have defined the program you are looking for we will send the information on to your teacher.

Your teacher will then send you an e-mail (your e-mails at this time are all in French) and find out exactly what you are looking for in an immersion and tell you a bit about the town you will be living in and the region.

We will send you pictures of your homestay family and information about the family.
You must then confirm the dates you will arrive and send a deposit for your course.

Once the deposit is paid we will send you the username and password for the extranet which will allow you to access another part of the website and begin your French immersion at home and meet the other participants before you arrive.

You must then send us your arrival information so we can pick you up at the train station or airport - free of charge – if you arrive in Carleton or New Richmond train station or Bonaventure airport!

You arrive and the adventure begins.


Please fill out the following form:


Name :

Address :

City :

Country :

Postal code :

Phone :

E-mail address :

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, please contact

Name :

Relationship to applicant :

Address :

City :

Country :

Postal Code :

Home phone :

Work phone :


Name of University or college :

Discipline of study :

Level of education completed :

Level of French studied :

Other languages spoken :

Other languages studied :


Please answer the following questions.


1. How would you evaluate your level of French ?


2. What extra-curricular activities are you involved in?


3. Are you generally an extrovert or an introvert?


4. Why do you want to participate in a French immersion program?


5a. Have you participated in other language immersion programs?


5b. For how long?

5c. Did you actively take part in the discussions?


5d. Did you see an improvement in your language fluency?

6. In which linguistic context will the French language be useful for you ? (for your work, for your studies, for your interpersonal relations ?)

The French immersion course is based on high student participation. All students will sign a contract in which they promise to speak French at all times during the session. All students will sign a contract in which they promise to speak French at all times during the session. Teachers are with students at all times during classes and activities. Students are encouraged to speak often and allow themselves to be corrected. If students do not honour this promise it will have an affect on their final mark. Information sent to us will be used ONLY for your French immersion application with Immersion Baie-des-Chaleurs.


The method of payment will be outlined once the application has been accepted.

Administration adress :
Immersion Baie-des-Chaleurs
2 rue des Outardes
Maria Québec
G0C 1Y0
Phone : (418) 759-1351
Fax : (418) 759-5181




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